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Working in partnership with Royal Voluntary Service

We love a challenge. Our volunteers are a highly capable team who can bring a rare spirit of engagement to all kinds of tasks. If you are seeking a partner to work with in implementing a programme of support in hospitals or in the community, let's talk.

Step Up - Volunteer services in the NHS

We’re stepping up to ease pressure in the NHS with high impact volunteering throughout the patient journey with funding built in.

Supporting your recovery

The right support on the ward and back at home can make all the difference to recovery and re-establishing confidence.

Supporting healthy & happy lives

Targeted to be physically and cognitively stimulating, sociable community activities can make a huge difference to health and emotional wellbeing.

Supporting you at home

Our services are designed to build confidence and help reconnect people with the things that make life worth living, so they can stay independent for longer.

Talk to us

We're always happy to share our experiences and discuss new ways we could work together in partnership in the NHS and in the community.